Kelly Clarkson Finally Releases Her Powerful Double Single ‘Mine/Me’

Kelly Clarkson released not one but two new singles in the form of ‘Mine / Me’. 

‘Mine’ reflects back on heartbreak while Kelly is rebuilding her life post-divorce. She admits, “And now I second-guess my thoughts, every step I take/ I’m losing hope in love and I’ve lost all in faith/ Yeah, for a dream that I just close my eyes and it’s all blank/ I have you to thank.”

‘Me’, on the other hand, was co-written by GAYLE. The song involves a gospel choir that joins the singer while she talks about the reasons for her split from ex-husband Brandon Blackstock in detail. She sings, “I told you I wanted you/ But you needed me to need you/ Your insecurity was the death of you and me/ Too many times you questioned, what were my intentions?/ I never gave you reasons, you’re the one with secrets.”

The dual songs give the fans an idea as to what her upcoming studio album ‘Chemistry’ can entail.  “We decided to release ‘Mine’ and ‘Me’ at the same time because I didn’t want to release just one song to represent an entire album, or relationship. There are many stages of grief and loss on this album. Each song is a different stage and emotional state,” Clarkson said.

Her album ‘Chemistry’ will also have songs like ‘Skip This Part’, ‘High Road’, ‘Rock Hudson’ and ‘Red Flag Collector’. There will be 14 songs in the tracklist, and the album will include collaborations with Steve Martin in ‘I Hate Love’ and with Sheila E. for ‘That’s Right’.

– Riya Sohini