Kelly Clarkson Performed a Soulful Cover of Joji’s ‘Glimpse of Us’

Kelly Clarkson delivered a heartfelt cover of the song ‘Glimpse of Us’ on her daytime talk show ‘The Kelly Clarkson’ show. 

She performed the song during the ‘Kellyoke’ segment of her show, in which she covers songs from different artists. Pianists Jason Halbert and Kyle Whalum backed her up as she stood in between them and delivered the soulful hit. 

Image courtesy: People

The rawness of Kelly’s voice made the cover emotional and awe-inspiring. The singer impressed with her performance as she riffed and bent notes. 

‘Glimpse of us’ was released in June 2022. Despite being successful in the scene of mainstream pop for several years, ‘Glimpse of Us’ is Joji’s most successful song so far. 

Image courtesy: BC Heights

Joji dropped his album ‘Smithereens’ in November. ‘Glimpse of Us’ was the album’s lead single. The release of  ‘Smithereens’ marked his third studio album. 

Watch Kelly’s cover of ‘Glimpse of Us’ below. 

Riya Vivek