Kenishaa Francis, Matangi Prasan & Gubbi Arrive with A Groovy New Tune

The young star, Kenishaa Francis recently joined forces with Prayoon Sajeev, Matangi Prasan and the rap phenomenon, Gubbi, to put out a really special piece of work. Titled, ‘Make That Change’, this tune arrives with a wonderful sense of familiarity for local Bangaloreans.

Sprinkled with a groovy cocktail of beats and bubbly synths, this track keeps the energy at an all-time high from start to finish. ‘Make That Change’ is driven primarily by Kenishaa’s husky vocals, which form a distinctive blend with Gubbi’s fiery rhymes.

The idea behind this track is perfectly captured in its leading lyrics. They read,

We have got to Make That Change
A better city, Bengaluru’s fame;
Sarvajanika Sarige, the new spirit of travel is here to stay

Kenishaa Francis and company also put out a funky visualizer for this track. Through the video, we get a glimpse at some of the defining characteristics of this buzzing city. From the graffitied shutters of Church Street and low hanging trees near Cubbon Park to of course, the endless flood of traffic – we get a real flavour of the city. The music video also witnesses Kenishaa and Gubbi passing a mic between them, as they deliver their verses from these familiar spots. The stunning Matangi Prasan is also seen performing a classical dance piece, in full costume, on the roads of Bangalore – in what proves to be quite a cinematic string of shots, courtesy Prayoon Sajeev.

‘Make That Change’ aims to support public transport in Bangalore. For starters, it’s the one thing we can always count on, no matter the odds. In fact, if more people chose to travel via public transport, then perhaps our garden city could be restored to what it used to be. And this global pandemic has been eye opening in the sense that it’s highlighted the fact that public transport is after all, more of a necessity than a luxury. So, with the campaign #BengaluruMoving, Francis and company have forged a piece of art that proves to be both uplifting and inspiring. So ultimately, ‘Make That Change’ arrives with the intent to fight for a social cause and spread positivity.

By: Nina Karun