Kesha is Loud and Proud

Kesha has always talked the talk and walked the walk when it comes to the rights of and representation for the LGBTQ community. On April 26, she joined the ‘Together In Pride: You Are Not Alone’ online event by GLAAD to sing her 2017 hit song ‘Rainbow’.  

“This is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written about seeing a rainbow through a sh-tstorm,” she said about the song and went on to give a performance that was both reassuring and strengthening. 


She was one of many in the star-studded line up of performers that came around to show support for the cause, even if from their homes. They sang, they spoke, they loved. It was a heartwarming parade of sorts. Other show stoppers who came forward to voice their support were Barbara Streisand and Adam Lambert. Melissa Etheridge and Alex Newell also joined in, giving riveting performances.

Though there has been a drop in donations to LGBTQ centers around the country amid the coronavirus pandemic, nothing can take away from the very important cause they were speaking truth to. The funds raised by GLAAD and these artists have gone toward LGBTQ homeless youth, HIV testing, mental health counseling, medical care and more.