Khalid and Lazer are Triggered!

Major Lazer are a trio who are known industry-wide for being fun and creating beats to make their audiences have a good time and dance around until their feet give way. Khalid on the other hand is one to subtly make you groove, giving you a good time without tearing apart the dance floor. Now put these two together and you’ve got a hardcore track that will make you feel all kinds of things!

Lazer and Khalid dropped a track on 24th October, called ‘Trigger’ and the track immediately got everyone grooving. It’s mellow, yet extreme and people are loving it. The ‘Light It Up’ hit-maker is known to produce fun, intrinsic music videos for his songs that include lots of animated beings, colours and subtle statements.

And today, the music video for ‘Trigger’ dropped and it’s no different. A robotic figure dancing in the middle of a gaming field is quite the sight, and the video offers all that techno goodness. Passion and love, all introduced in this video is a sure-shot way of making every viewer feel energized.

Check out the new music video for ‘Trigger by Major Lazer and Khalid.