Kid Cudi’s MOTR Clothing Line to be Launched at Paris Fashion Week 2023 

Kid Cudi has finally confirmed the launch of his much awaited clothing line ‘Members of The Rage’ or MOTR. The rapper first mentioned the clothing line brand last January on Twitter, wherein he teased a clothing line which will be based on his artworks, and stated that this had “been a long time coming and another dream of his.” He promised “more madness, true vision [and] freshness” with his brand along with “the ultimate denims,” and also went on to peg the summer of 2021 as his initial launch window. 

Image Courtesy: CNN

However, the much anticipated launch never materialised in the summer of 2021, but he did manage to release shirts which cost more than £300 a piece. That did not slow down the sale, and the shirts promptly got sold out almost immediately. In a recent tweet, Cudi finally disclosed the finalised release dates for his fans. When a fan asked Cudi on twitter what he was looking forward to the most in 2023, he said, “My clothing line hittin’ stores, filmin’ a couple things, directing.  My daughter turning 13.”

In another tweet, he mentioned that items in the line are being “produced in Italy and parts of Europe”, and that its “quality is A1”. His brand will also have sneakers, and regarding that, he stated “To have my own sneaker is the biggest accomplishment. And it’s rare a new brand drops [with] sneakers.” Apart from informing his fans that his line will be launched during Paris Fashion Week, he also stated that the clothing line will be unisex and will push the boundaries in fashion.

Kid Cudi has a lot to look forward to including his upcoming projects, ‘Teddy’, ‘Silent Night’, ‘September 17th’ and ‘Real Life’. However, the rapper has also admitted that he is “nearing the end” of his music career, and that he wants to now become a kindergarten teacher.  

– Riya Sohini