Kylie Jenner Talks About Motherhood And Gives Advice to New Mothers

Kylie Jenner has been very vocal about her struggles with pregnancy ever since she gave birth to her son, Aire Webster. She spoke about motherhood and postpartum depression, lending advice to new mothers. 

Image Courtesy: British Vogue

“I have experienced it. Twice. The first time was very difficult, the second was more manageable. I would tell those women not to overthink things and to live all the emotions of that moment to the fullest. Stay inside that moment, even if it is painful,” she said. “I know, in those moments you think that it will never pass, that your body will never be the same as before, that you will never be the same. That’s not true: the hormones, the emotions at that stage are much, much more powerful and bigger than you. My advice is to live through that transition, without fear of the aftermath. The risk is to miss all the most beautiful things of motherhood as well.”

Image Courtesy: Elle

Kylie also spoke about the beauty of being a mother. She recalled “finding myself in the hospital alone with a new and unknown creature in my arms was one of the most exciting things about becoming a parent. It’s such a unique and special situation and it’s all about building with these little beings that you’re learning about.” She added, “There is another magical moment, though: when you bring your children home. It is perhaps the most beautiful moment.”

Image Courtesy: Teen Vogue

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have two kids, Stormi and Aire. The couple have been in an on-and-off relationship since 2017. 

– Riya Sohini