Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande Score No. 1 with ‘Rain on Me’

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Not long after Lady Gaga dropped her full length studio album, ‘Chromatica’, she and Ariana Grande are in line for their next win. What’s this all about? So, it turns out that they’re collaborative track, ‘Rain on Me’ just scored the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 Songs chart.  This marks Gaga’s fifth Hot 100 leader and Grande earns her fourth, among other honors for each star.

This tune arrived on May 22nd, just a couple days before the official album dropped. The video showcased the singers dancing amidst rain and daggers, yes you read that right. Chromatica is a whole new planet after all, and Lady Gaga is the ruler, so you can’t expect the landscape not to be bizarre.

Before the track dropped, both singers had a heartwarming exchange of tweets which involved a lot of gushing and a reassurances that they’d stand by each other, despite difficult times. Lady Gaga has mentioned before that she doesn’t gel well with other celebrities, but it looks like in the process of creating ‘Chromatica‘, she’s eased up a little. We can even go as far as saying that she’s opened up to the idea of creating close bonds with other artists in the industry.

Chart History: Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande

Now, coming to the charts, here’s a look at Gaga’s previous songs that’ve managed to score that No. 1 spot. 

“Just Dance,” feat. Colby O’Donis, 
“Poker Face” 
“Born This Way”

“Rain on Me”

Now, here’s a look at some of Ariana’s tracks that’ve also witnessed this glory.

“Thank U Next,” 
“7 Rings”
“Stuck With U”
“Rain on Me”

Now, it won’t be long before other numbers from, ‘Chromatica’ begin charting. Currently we’re turning our heads towards her other two stellar collabs, ‘Sour Candy’ featuring BLACKPINK, and ‘Sine From Above’ featuring Elton John. Only time, and well, the charts will tell. 

By: Nina Karun