Lady Gaga Has A Chromatic Surprise Lined up In April

Lady Gaga announced the release date for her sixth studio album called “Chromatica”. The project produced by Gaga and BloodPop will be available to stream on April 10th. Monsters have been lapping up her latest music video to “Stupid Love” set in a dystopian galaxy with dancers dressed in retro neon clothing, bringing back that 90’s vibe.

Gaga also unveiled a brilliant art piece to go with it on Instagram. She posted a picture of a pink symbol above the phrase LG-6 , It resembles a kind of broken snorkeling mask as well as a confusing yin and yan. Monsters haven’t come out with interpretations of the symbol, However she assured fans that this wasn’t the final album cover art and more is yet to come!

In an interview Gaga revealed that the album was titled “Chromatica” inspired from her desire to escape from reality. She went on to say that her desire to escape reality has made her reframe her reality with our deleting or canceling out the negatives. “I live of Chromatica, I’ve found Earth and deleted it”

The album is set to contain 16 songs which are produced by Gaga and Tucker. The album plays out the retro card perfectly because of the label’s decision to release it in a variety of physical forms like vinyl, cassettes and CDs. It is truly going to be a blast from the past when “Chromatica” drops. In addition to this Lady Gaga has also released exclusive merch for the promotion of the album.

“Stupid Love” suggests that the album will be a return to dance pop Gaga era that we all crave for, while the lyrics frame Gaga’s positive and lovely vibe. Kind punks, Chromatica, galaxies – we’re not sure how all these themes are going to blend together, but after all it is Lady Gaga! We can’t wait for this pulsating burst of freshness!