Lady Gaga is Back Where She Belongs

Hear ye, hear ye, Mother Monster has returned to the charts!

After seven years of going missing from the Billboard’s hottest 10, Lady Gaga has ended the drought. “Stupid Love” from her new album ‘Chromatica’ that is to drop on April 10th, has broken in soon after its release at No. 5 on the charts!

If ya’ll’s got a good memory on you, you will remember that the last time we saw the Mother on Top 10 was in 2013 with “Applause” which was trending at No.6.

But for the fanatics who know good music when they hear good music, the charts mean very little. So given that that is who we are, we are running a list of Gaga songs that the world population should have reckoned with enough to put up on the charts.

Shallow — Of course, of course, ‘Shallow’. A hit that was basically sung at every karaoke ever since its release deserved more than to have come in at No. 28 on the Billboards charts.

Dancin’ in Circles — From the album ‘Joanne’, ‘Dancin’ in Circles’ was a soulful number with a powerful chorus that ever only managed a No. 58 on Billboard’s Country Songs.

Grigio Girls — Who can forget the “Pinot, Pinot Grigio girls” who sang deeply and felt deeply when Gaga asked us to pour it all up. We can’t, and that’s why we think this song should have made the Top 10.

What are your Gaga favorites missing from the charts? Comment below and let us know!