Lana Del Rey Considered Quitting Music After Feelings of Failure

The taste of failure is felt by everyone at least once in their lives. So did Lana Del Rey and it even made her consider quitting music.

‘The Summertime Sadness’ singer admits that she really wanted to quit but couldn’t go ahead with it because she did not have any other viable career options. In a recent interview she revealed, “I never forget the abyss, those moments when nothing worked, where I was seriously considering quitting. There really was a feeling of failure.”

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She continued: “I had no other choice than to continue because I don’t know how to do anything else. Courage would have been to disappear.” Since there was no backup plan, so she had to choose the easiest way out which was to continue making records.

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Del Rey recently spoke about her experience of being abruptly interrupted during her performance at Hyde Park after her set was cut short at Glastonbury. After performing the 15th song, ‘Candy Necklace’, in her 19-song setlist, the singer humourously referred to the incident at the previous show, making light of the situation: “I think this is where I got cut off last time. Sorry about that”. She also gestured to the crew at the side of the stage, jokingly warning them, “Don’t do it”.

-Kaushiki Sarcar