Lana delights fans with surprises on show

Lana Del Rey decided to surprised her fans in the best possible way at the Greek Theatre, in Berkley, California.

Incessant screams greeted her first special guest of the evening, Joan Baez. Before performing her breakthrough hit from 1975 ‘Diamonds & Rust,’ Baez told the crowd about her dinner with her granddaughter and Del Rey the night before.

“So my granddaughter, who doesn’t get impressed very much, had dinner with us last night, with Lana, and she just said, ‘Gosh, she’s so nice! She’s so down to earth! She’s a real person!’” Baez recalled.

The 78-year-old Americana artist showed off her robust vocals, while Del Rey joined in with her light, haunting vocals, perfectly harmonizing with Baez.

Baez was on a roll that evening as she delighted the fans with her cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right.’

Later pn, Del Rey brought out her next guest, without giving her fans a minute to catch their breath! The next guest, Adam Cohen, son of legendary singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen, performed a cover of ‘Chelsea Hotel No. 2.’

“You can tell a lot by the kind of company a person keeps,” Cohen said about Del Rey’s steadily cheering fan base. “You guys with this incredible artist. Seriously.”