Lany and Lauv throw away Smartphones

Lauv and LANY say goodbye to their smartphones in their new music video. Yup, you read that right! In their new “Mean it” video, the duo go off on a winter road trip. With explosions of colour and vast plains, the artists use a paper map to navigate through this barren landscape. In an age of smartphones, where most of Gen Z hasn’t come across an actual paper map, it looks like Lauv and LANY are changing norms.

The video starts off with Lauv cruising along the american savanna when they realise they’re lost. Lauv pulls out a map from the trunk of his car, which plays a central role in the video. At some point in time, we find out that LANY is also with him and the two are busy making their fans go giddy with excitement instead of figuring out exactly where they need to go.

We’re unsure if it’s because their devices ran out of charge or if it’s because of the absence of the phone itself, but either way we’re happy to see people vibing in the absence of technology!

The camera has a good time showing off their funky grooves . Lauv shimmies while driving and LANY twerks his god given ‘assets’ on the rocks! This visual treat was directed by Philip Lopez who has also directed videos for other artists like Selena Gomez , Kygo etc.

The song lyrics are about a relationship based on false promises, where, in the video they try to make sense of what is real and what’s not. This track is from Lauv’s 21 track album “How I’m Feeling” which is set to release in 2020. Since the track released two weeks ago, it has garnered more than 50 million streams and we can’t wait to see what else Lauv drops!