Lauv & Conan Gray Have A Bone To Pick with ‘Fake’

Lauv just tied up with the rising star, Conan Gray, for a fresh track, ‘Fake’. The tune just made its descent accompanied by its very own music video. This marks their first collaboration together and from the looks of it, they make quite a good team.

‘Fake’ opens with a gentle guitar riff, welcoming Lauv’s sugary sweet melodies. The chorus of this track sees some gorgeous harmonizing between Gray and Lauv. Interestingly, Conan’s tinkling melodies create the perfect blend when tossed up with Lauv’s soothing notes, allowing both styles to complement each other.

Like the title suggests, this track sees Lauv and Gray poking fun at people who spend their lives online, creating the perfect persona. They take a dig at people who are defined by the relationships they showcase online, people who refuse to face their troubles in person and people who are completely detached from the real world. The songwriting allows for a better understanding, take a look:

Man, you’re so f**king fake 
You don’t mean a single thing you say 
If we’ve got a problem, say it to my face 
And you’re just like all the people that you hate
You’re so fake
When the real you’s back, I’ll pick up my phone

The lyrics arrive with quite the sting, don’t they? Now, the music video for ‘Fake’ sees Lauv and Gray bang in the middle of an elaborate photoshoot. From pillow fights in bright pink rooms and sets filled with candy, to aesthetic gardens full of coloured smoke – both acts take on various social media personas as they traverse between sets. 

Perhaps what makes ‘Fake’ stand part is the juxtaposition between sugary-sweet visuals that see the duo embodying the “perfect” lifestyle while the lyrics arrive like a stab. On that note, take a dip into ‘Fake’.

By: Nina Karun