Lauv Feels The “Modern Loneliness”

Ahead of his sophomore album – ‘how I’m feeling’, all set for release on March 6th, American singer-songwriter Lauv has dropped the music video for his new song ‘Modern Loneliness’.

The song is meaningful and perceptive, and we just can’t help but put it on repeat. The singer, who also has his song title tattooed on his arm, shared on Instagram, “On Thursday I’m releasing my favorite song I’ve ever made. The most important song of my career so far, it sums up everything about why I think so many of us are lonely today. It’s something I’m so proud of and I know you guys will love it.”

After delivering hits like ‘I like Me Better’ in 2017 and making his Bollywood debut in 2019 with ‘Dil Na Jaaneya’, the 25 year old singer has delivered hit after hit, hitting us in the feels each time.

He addresses a common yet personal struggle, generational yet specific. About the track he says, “This is my favorite song on the album and the most important song I feel I’ve ever made, there is a lot of loneliness out there. We all feel it. But there is also a lot of love waiting for us and I hope this song can be a catalyst for that.”

The music video is dreamy, bright, but still somehow melancholic – we see Lauv in a garden among yellow flowers, singing to the camera, with others around him doing the same as he croons:

“We’re never alone, but always depressed, yeah / Love my friends to death / But I never call and I never text ’em / La-di-da-di-da / Yeah, you get what you give and you give what you get, so / Modern loneliness / We love to get high, but we don’t know how to come down.”

God! All this introspection on a Friday is not what we wanted, but just may be what we all needed.