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Lazy Eyes Has Released a New Single Called ‘Hippo’

The band Lazy Eyes has released a new single titled ‘Hippo’ taken from their forthcoming debut album, ‘SongBook’. The Lazy Eyes’ bassist Leon Karagic in a press release said, “Hippo is my favourite song on the record. You can feel the energy coming together as a group, given that it was one of the three songs on the album that we recorded as a band.”

‘Hippo’ sees the Sydney-based psych-rock upstarts saunter through some laidback, but still penetrating melodies, grooving with simple yet effective textures across a short but powerful two minutes and 21 seconds. The band took to Instagram to introduce their new single ‘Hippo’. There were a few posts they have made to make people aware of the new song they are coming up with. 

‘Hippo’ follows on from the release of ‘Fuzz Jam’ back in November 2021, when The Lazy Eyes first broke the news of the forthcoming ‘SongBook’ as well as their supporting slot on The Strokes ‘2022 tour of Australia. 

Image Courtesy: V Man 

The band’s debut album is going to be released on March 4 and is slated to hold songs that have been lifted from their first two episodes, ‘EP1’ and ‘EP2’, including ‘Where’s My Brain?’, ‘Cheesy Love Song’ and ‘Nobody Taught Me’. The Lazy Eyes are set to embark on their debut national tour of their native Australia this March.

Perhaps it’s their youthful drive but with an array of psychedelic soundscapes, they seamlessly find fresh joy in old methods.

–Apeksha Priya

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