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Led Zepp & Spirit climb Stairway to courthouse

World-famous rockstars Led Zeppelin are set to go to court again to continue the legal battle over the issue of plagiarism in the iconic song “Stairway to Heaven”. Seemingly out of the blue, a legal team representing the band “Spirit” filed a lawsuit against Led Zeppelin for using the opening riff of Spirit’s song “Taurus”. The lawsuit shocked everyone, fans and non-fans alike because of the weight of its claims. Though the case has been in court for a long time now, its relevance hasn’t faded away. This is only one amongst many high-profile cases that big stars from the music industry have been a part of with Ed Sheeran and Katy Perry being amongst others. There are two sides to every story and while the common verdict is that Led Zeppelin hasn’t plagiarized anything, some people believe that the legality of music coming into the spotlight is an important moment for music as it emphasizes the need for originality and sincerity in music-making. A risky debate, we have on hands here!

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