Lee Taemin Gears Up For July Comeback

Lee Taemin

The world of Kpop has just been buzzing with new releases. This past week, we’ve witnessed the rookie band, TXT, wow the world with their metaphor-ridden music video for the track, ‘Puma’. Then the star girl group, TWICE, put out their brand new album, ‘More & More, and it arrived with an ethereal, fairytale-like music video for the title track. And finally, just yesterday, the youngest member from BTS, Jeon Jungkook, released his groovy Jazz solo, ‘Still With You’.

If you thought that was it for this week, well, you’re wrong. There’s been talk that the youngest member, Lee Taemin, from the cult band SHINee would drop a new album soon. And now, his agency has finally confirmed the news leaving fans over the moon. 

His agency, SM Entertainment, put out this statement saying,  “Taemin is preparing for a July comeback. Beginning with the release of a new song in July, he is planning on many solo activities, so please look forward to it.”
This will be Taemin’s first comeback in one year and five months since the release of his second mini album, ‘WANT’.

This album received a lot of praise for his unique use of sound and melodies, he also garnered a lot of attention for the music video of the same name, that featured stunning visuals and his stand-out choreography. 

So, What Has Lee Taemin Been Upto Over the Past Year?

With every comeback, Taemin has shown the world that he can bring something new to the table, be it in terms of style, sound, concept or even choreography. Since his solo debut in 2014, he’s managed to experiment with a spectrum of genres and styles, which makes us wonder what he might choose to dabble with this time. 

Apart from his solo endeavors, Lee Taemin, also joined the 8 member band, SuperM, in the latter half of 2019. After the release of their self-titled debut EP, Taemin went on to tour with the boys. In fact, they were planning to perform this year, at The Tokyo Dome, but the concert was postponed indefinitely due to the global coronavirus pandemic. 

In the meanwhile, Taemin’s other bandmates from SHINee are currently still completing their military conscription. So, for now, let’s hope July get’s here real fast. 

By: Nina Karun