Lee Taemin Gives Fans A First Taste of His New Comeback

The standout South-Korean star, Lee Taemin, is back in the game with a sparkling new project. In early September, the artist treated fans to his third Korean studio album, “Never Gonna Dance Again: Part 1” with ‘Criminal’ serving as its lead single. And now, it looks like the clouds have parted over his second installment of this record. 

Teamin recently took to social media to reveal the first concept teaser for “Never Gonna Dance Again: Part 2” and it’s simply stunning. The teaser photo features the young star standing on a rocky landscape, the blue sky spreading out above him. Interestingly, he’s seen wearing a powder blue garment, which covers his face entirely, trailing with the breeze behind him. 

Taemin: The Intrigue Behind A Hidden Face

As observed in his previous work, the star often chooses to keep his face hidden in a lot of the teaser images leading up to his comebacks. Be it during his ‘Move’ era in 2017. Or even his latest record, which saw him donning a dark face mask, hidden under shadows. It’s his way of drawing the eye to other aspects of the artwork. And adding an element of intrigue to his new era in music. In fact, as Taemin himself has stated many times in the past, he often hopes that he can hold the world’s attention with just his performance itself, rather than his visuals. 

Apart from his solo endeavours, Taemin has also been actively involved with the rising stars of Super M. The band recently put out their first full-length studio album, “Super One”. The record did exceedingly well on the charts. In fact, it debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 albums chart, with 104,000 equivalent album units. 

Now, circling back to Taemin’s highly-anticipated comeback, he previously described, “Act 2” as the “ultimate level of intensity.”  This record is slated to arrive on November 9th with ‘Idea’ serving as the lead single.

By: Nina Karun