Lewis Capaldi Steals The Brit Awards

Can we just say it? Lewis Capaldi was the star of the BRIT Awards 2020. He delivered such a surreal performance on his breakout hit – ‘Someone You Loved’ on a circular stage in the center of London’s 02 Arena. The artist was surrounded by red curtains which transitioned to a display of storm ridden clouds. In short, it set the mood just perfectly.

After spending 7 weeks at the No.1 spot in spring 2019, and earning a Grammy nomination, his fame’s truly just skyrocketed. Not to mention the fact that he performed over 250 shows across 12 months, and that’s no easy feat to achieve. And now, adding to his collection of awards is the BRIT award in the Song of the Year category. Not only did he bag the award for the Song of the Year, he also took home the prize for Best New Artist.

When accepting his award for Artist of the Year, the Scottish singer-songwriter let the audience cheer for him for over a minute while he enjoyed his drink and made them laugh, just to end his speech with a ‘Thank you’.

In fact, as he climbed back on stage time after time, one of his speeches even had to be muted due to profanity. But, it was quite obvious that he was having a riot of a time! When he returned on stage for the second time in a row, he took his drink to the stage while he hugged, kissed his friends and greeted his fans. He was overwhelmed and we could not help but coo at how sweet it was to see him gather himself to speak about the reality show ‘Love Island’ and his grandmother.

Be it at award shows or even the charts, he definitely ties with Billie Eilish, when it comes to stealing the show over the past year and that makes us wonder, what else he’s going to treat us with, this year!