Liam Payne is Documenting Life in Quarantine

Liam Payne has started a new YouTube video blog series and it has already delivered.

What we found in the first episode were some hilarious jabs thrown at Niall Horan, because when does Liam ever miss out on a chance to poke fun at his One Direction members?

As a musician, keeping track of all the latest releases in international music is part of the job. And that’s why, Liam had a lot to say about Travis Scott’s ‘Fortnite’ stream and all the new music it uncovered.

Payne also touched upon his latest collab with Alesso, titled, ‘Midnight‘ and possible future projects with the Swedish DJ. 

In a rather desperate rant, he also spoke at length about how this lockdown was treating him, “We’re in this lockdown situation, and obviously we’re all stuck at home. We can’t really go and do anything. But it seems like I’ve been busier than ever. It was a tough moment. I was panicking. I was worrying. I was saying, ‘Niall, can you hear me?’ I asked if I was invisible. Could’ve been.”

A lot of familiar and unfamiliar emotions running through the 1D star here.

The gist of this new video series is quite unclear; Payne himself isn’t sure where it’s going.

He said: “I’m not really sure what this show is, or what this kind of thing is about yet, but I’m gonna try to do this more often.” 

But hey, as long as we’re updated and entertained, that’s all that matters, right?