Liam Payne Shows up to ‘All of Those Voices’ Documentary Premiere to Support Louis Tomlinson

Guess who showed up to the premiere of Louis Tomlinson’s ‘All of Those Voices’ documentary to support his ex-band member? Liam Payne! Fans shared videos of Payne taking photos and waving to the fans on the red carpet shortly after Tomlinson made an appearance. 

The documentary is directed by Charlie Lightening and talks about Tomlinson’s life and his journey as a musician. It also includes never-before-seen home video footage and behind-the-scenes clips of the star’s 2022 world tour.

Image Courtesy: BuzzFeed News

In a video snippet, Louis Tomlinson states “All of a sudden, I felt in control again. The first two and a half years, I just felt like I wasn’t in control of myself or certainly had an influence on the band. When I think about how proud I am of One Direction, I think of us as a collective. When I think about what makes me most proud as me as an individual in that band, is definitely having the most writing credits. That makes me feel important to the band, and that’s all I ever wanted when I was a lad.”

– Riya Sohini