Lil Nas X Is a Wedding Crasher

Lil Nas X takes the old town road again! He gracefully crashed a wedding at Disney World and the wedding guests had a meltdown. In an all white ensemble, Lil Nas X surprised the wedding guests as he waltzed in with the bride. A wedding guest was filmed comically yelling “What is going on” and honestly SAME!

The footage of the 20 year of rapper crashing the wedding went viral on Twitter. “Just crashed a wedding at Disney World” tweeted Lil Nas X. He hit the dance floor ASAP, no doubt about that! This probably would have been the bride’s second dream, as her first one would be to get married on the happiest place on earth!

He later revealed that his grand entrance to the wedding reception was schemed with the bride beforehand. As the wedding season descends upon us I think it’s time for all of us to pull out Veils and hope that Lil Nas X decides to drop by!

According to his Instagram posts, he seems to have stopped by a Bert’s Big Adventure event, An organisation that coordinates free Disney trips for children experiencing chronic illness. The charity posted a picture of the singer captioned “Lil Nas X surprised us at our dinner party with a private performance of Old Town Road”. He even gave away signed cowboy hats to the kids! is this man a keeper or what!

Lil Nas X has been quiet occupied over the last couple of months; he recently bagged the Outstanding New Artist at the 51ST NAACP Image Awards hosted in California. His latest wins include a Grammy for best pop performance and one for best Music video. Both of these were for his country rap track, “Old Town Road”. This song became the longest running No.1 single to top the Billboard Hot 100 charts. It’s been an epic year for him and he’s just getting started!