LiL Nas X Rides On a New Remix

The Grammys just got over and Lil Nas X has already dropped another song! He’s really not showing any signs of slowing down, is he? This one’s a remix of the song ‘Rodeo’ and features the legendary rapper, Nas.

This track first premiered on Lil Nas X’s Grammy stage which was one hell of a ride! No, literally, he actually performed on a huge revolving stage. He sang every version of his breakthrough hit “Old Town Road” with BTS, Mason Ramsey, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Diplo! After that, he quickly pulled on a leather coat and a pair of shades before joining the Original Nas for their performance of “Rodeo”. This one features on Lil Nas X’s major-label debut EP 7 and just today, he dropped the remixed version of the track for the world to hear.

While the original version of this song features Cardi B, both her and Nas have managed to mould the track into something different. Cardi arrives with a lot more aggressive energy, unlike Nas who’s a bit more laid back.

In fact, before he dropped the track, the rapper teased it with a tweet promising “Big Nas & Lil Nas Tonight!” and in his verse on the remix Nas shouts out their big-lil dynamic. “Nas X or Big Nas, this s–t ride/ Nas and Nas X/ Big Nas and Lil Nas,”

Lil Nas X is still a rookie in the rap fraternity, plus a newbie to the music industry and yet, he walked home with not one but two Grammys! He won Best Music Video and Best Pop/Duo Group Performance for “Old Town Road”. Oh and he’s only 20.

We’ll give you a moment to let that sink in.