Lil Wayne Drops Experimentative Track ‘Thug Life’

Lil Wayne recently teamed up with rap stars, Gudda Gudda and Jay Jones for a brand new track, ‘Thug Life.’

From start to finish, this tune experiments with a swift change in tempo, both with the beats and the rappers’ respective verses. Lil Wayne opens ‘Thug Life’ with his characteristic, drawn-out verses. Where Wayne leaves off, Jay Jones picks up with his own striking piece. And then, abruptly, the entire sound of the song morphs. It’s jarring yet interesting. The rappers then take things down a notch before Gudda Gudda and Wayne begin to trade bars over a warped soundscape.

Much like the song itself, the lyrics tell numerous different stories, almost as if it’s more of a stream-of-consciousness monologue than verses. Here, take a look:

I pop white and I pop pink
I want silence from the lions
Whole jungle know my name
I want the answer to the million dollar question
N**ga come and count my change

Between drags, all three rappers deliver their verses from Lil Wayne’s skate park. Now, this tune finds a spot on the deluxe edition of Lil Wayne’s latest album, ‘Funeral‘. But considering its experimentative nature, whether it’s your cup of tea, you’ll have to listen and decide.

By: Nina Karun