Listen to a Snippet of Rosalía’s Brand-New Track ‘Lie Like You Love Me’

Rosalía has continued to tease her forthcoming tune ‘Lie Like You Love Me’ on TikTok. The singer announced earlier this month that she will be releasing a new single, ‘LLYLM,’ and soon after, the release date of 27th January was announced.

She posted a video to her TikTok earlier this week in which she sang along to the song and included part of the lyrics.

Rosalía shares snippet of new song "Lie Like You Love Me" | The Line of  Best Fit
Image Courtesy: The Line of Best Fit

“I don’t need the honesty. Lie like you love me, lie like you love me,” starts the clip. “Cover me in a dream, I’ll be yours or fantasy,” she continues. 

Since releasing an updated version of ‘Motomami’ in September, Rosalía has only released one new song, ‘Lie Like You Love Me’. However, a remix of ‘Despechá’ with Cardi B was made available in December.

Speaking about Cardi B in an interview, Rosalía said she “always wanted to work with her. Since [a] long time ago, I wanted to make music with her. And she knows I love her music, and she always supports me too.”

Rosalía Interview: How She Makes Her Music | Pitchfork
Image Courtesy: Pitchfork

“I really love how she sounds when she’s rapping, it sounds urgent,” continued Rosalía. “So when she’s singing it, it sounds fresh. It’s really cool. Her energy’s the strongest. Her energy’s super pure and strong. I think that everybody can feel that. It doesn’t matter if you have seen her on stage or you have just seen her through your phone, everybody feels it, because that’s how special she is.”

Watch Cardi B ring in 2023 by singing 'Sugar, We're Goin Down'
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Post the release of the remix, Cardi B took to Twitter to say “I love that we were able to work together on this.” It comes after Cardi called ‘Motomami‘ “soooo fireeee”.