Listen to Monsta X’s new title track

Monsta X has finally dropped their title track for their new EP ‘Follow: Find You’

In their track, ‘Follow’ the band comes at us with their catchy melodies and a tinge of EDM as their powerful chorus will have us humming this anthem for a long time. Monsta X has played to their strengths as they deliver strong visuals with their high-powered dance choreography, while also flaunting their traditional side with their Hanbok inspired outfits and wind instruments known as “taepyeongso”, which is heard throughout the song.

This track follows their previous Korean single, ‘Alligator’ which released back in February. Monsta X has been busy releasing a string of all-English tracks, like ‘Who Do You Love’ featuring French Montana, Somebody’s Someone etc. But it’s always nice to see them return to their roots!

With their new EP ‘Follow: Find You’ they’re taking their fans on a plot which dates back to their Korean hit track ‘Dramarama’. Fans are excited to see how they establish this storyline, so for now, we’ll just have to wait and see!