Lizzo About The “Slander & Hate” on Social Media: “Tired of This”

Lizzo revealed in a pair of since-deleted tweets that she has recently been the target of an increase in online attacks and talked about how it has affected her. 

Despite having more than 2 million followers, the celebrity has mainly kept her Twitter account set to private to reduce the number of toxic comments she receives from haters who don’t follow her yet routinely remark on her posts nevertheless. Lizzo, who has long been outspoken about the overtly racist and fatphobic remarks she frequently receives, admitted that recently, the hate has grown despite these defences.

Image Courtesy: Forbes

“The amount of slander n hate I’m receiving on a daily basis is starting to confuse me,” she tweeted. “What am I actively doing to get this influx of disrespect in my mentions? I’m just trying to come on this app & enjoy social media like everyone else.”

“Anyways I been holding my tongue cus I don’t wanna seem ungrateful but I’ve done so much cool s**t these last few weeks just for my mentions to be about how fat I am &/or use me for political discourse.. ,” she wrote in a second tweet. “Tired of this.”

Lizzo has been dominating the competition lately, but what else is new? She debuted this week with a major part in the season finale of ‘The Simpsons’. Additionally, it was revealed that she will appear with Dua Lipa, Ice Spice, Nicki Minaj and others on the Barbie movie’s official soundtrack.

Image Courtesy: CNBC

Lizzo is presently on tour over the world in favour of her 2022 album ‘Special’. She took a break during her performance in Phoenix to pay tribute to Tina Turner, whose passing had been reported earlier in the day. She gave a stunning rendition of ‘Proud Mary.’ Lizzo briefly opened her Twitter account in order to share a video of the homage and reach a wider audience. But it didn’t take long for the haters to show up.

“Alright… I’m locking my page again,” she tweeted before making her account private. “I just wanted to share my Tina Turner tribute with everyone… But I’m going back to protecting my peace.”

– Riya Sohini