Lizzo & Ariana Grande drop their remix… it’s “Good as Hell”

Lizzo’s longest-running No. 1 hit “Truth Hurts” is about to take a step back as we predict the new remix is gonna steal that spot. Ariana Grande and Lizzo – women empowerment poster girls just dropped their new remixed version of the now controversial track “Good as Hell” making everyone forget about the negative buzz around the anthem.

Lizzo took to Instagram to tease her fans about an upcoming release of the remixed version without naming the artist she collaborated with. Grande also announced the news to her fans via an Instagram story “We got a sweet little remix of ‘Good as Hell’ coming to you tonight. Thank you for thinking of me @lizzobeeating. Love you!”

Grande joins in at the end of the second verse, cooing, “‘Cause he better know my worth / There’s so much that I deserve.” They join forces in the subsequent hooks, belting, “Hair toss, check my nails / Baby, how you feelin’? / Feelin’ good as hell!”

The track even ends with a snippet of them laughing together adding to the sass of it all! Lizzo has collaborated with several artists to release a string of remixes for this track and who knows, maybe we’ve got more coming.

Catch the new remix put out by our Queens … its “Good as Hell”