Lizzo Declares Herself a ‘Disney Princess’ After She Made a Cameo in ‘Mandalorian’

Lizzo called herself a Disney princess and here’s the reason why! After she made a cameo in ‘The Mandalorian’ as the Dutchess of Plazir-15, she declared herself among the ranks of Cinderella, Mulan and Snow White on TikTok. 

“YALL I JUST REALIZED THAT IM ROYALTY IN STAR WARS WHICH IS DISNEY WHICH MAKES ME A DISNEY PRINCESS,” she wrote. She is confidently ruffling her hair and posing with a pair of sunglasses in the video.

Image Courtesy: Elle

In her caption, though, she called herself a “*Disney Dutchess.” Her fans absolutely loved the idea and one of them wrote, “Brunch with Princess Tiana, GRWM videos with Snow White, vacationing with Moana.” 

“Screaming,” Lizzo responded to the fan. Lizzo starred in the ‘Star Wars’ spinoff ‘Chapter 22: Guns for Hire’ alongside Jack Black’s Captain, Bombardier. They play leaders of the far-off planet Plazir-15. They also cross paths with Pedro Pascal’s titular character when he is on a side quest search for the former crew of Bo-Katan. 

Image Courtesy: Rolling Stone

“When I was a young girl my dad introduced me to Star Wars like a rite of passage,” she wrote after the series aired. “The [trilogies] are his favorite movies and quickly became mine. When Jon Favreau called me and offered the role of The Dutchess I cried all day wishing my dad was still with us cus he’d be so proud.”

“Star Wars was a dream I never thought was possible— but thanks to Jon, Bryce, and everyone in the galaxy I am now part of the ever-expanding saga of the stars,” she added. “I am in honorable company and forever grateful. This is The Way…. and May the Force be with you.”

– Riya Sohini