Lizzo Impresses in Grinch-Inspired Outfit

Lizzo posted a video in a grinch-inspired outfit as she danced along to ‘Mrs Grinch’ by Shelby Swain. She captioned the video, ‘100% THAT GRINCH’. She was decked up in a green wig and matching smokey eye, along with a neon green jumpsuit, with fur and chains all down the bodice. 

Image courtesy: Sports Illustrated Lifestyle

She rapped along to ‘Mrs. Grinch’ by Shelby Swain, as she showed her take on the popular holiday character. The song ‘Mrs Grinch’ was released in 2021 Shelby’s album, ‘TWAS’. 

The three-time Grammy winner will make an appearance on an episode of Saturday Night Live, which will be hosted by Austin Butler. The episode was previously meant to have an appearance by performers ‘Yeah Yeah Yeahs’, which was cancelled due to guitarist Nick Zinner contracting Pneumonia.

Image courtesy: Elite Daily

Lizzo wrote ‘SURPRISE,’ as she announced that she will be a guest on the show. This will mark the singer’s third appearance on SNL. In April, Lizzo hosted as well as performed on the show.

Riya Vivek