Logic Arrives With One Last Gift For Fans: ‘Aquarius III’

Just last week, Logic hung up his mic with the release of his final album, ‘No Pressure‘. The artist’s shift in gears comes with the need to focus more on his newborn baby. 

But as one last gift to his fans, Logic brought an extra dish to the table: his music video, ‘Aquarius III’. The tune holds together an impressive mixture of quick-paced beats and a gentle piano riff. Logic’s powerful verses make their landing here, adding an interesting shift in the pace of this song. 


Logic Says A Graceful Goodbye

Now, coming to its lyrical content, ‘Aquarius III’ witnesses the rap star lay his thoughts and emotions bare. Logic chooses to introspect through his verses, welcoming this new life he’s settling into. One away from the internet, the industry, fame and the notes that always seem to dangle at the end of the fishing rod. Poignant and expressive, Logic shakes hands with this new version of himself. Take a look:

 I knew I always wanted more like The Roots in nine-five
And I’ll be sure to do more for my family than mine did
‘Cause hip-hop rhymes taught me more than my moms did
Didn’t drink ’til I was twenty-five ’cause I’m my mom’s kid

I wrote this sitting shotgun in my favorite ride
Reflecting on memories from my childhood
Bringing a baby in this world, I hope my child good

The music video simply sees the rap star, clad in a bright red jumpsuit, delivering his verses as he walks down an empty road. While Logic has officially retired from the music world, thankfully he’s blessed us with more than enough gems we can always return to. And ‘Aquarius III’ finds its space in this very collection. 

By: Nina Karun