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Logic Is Considering To Drop Another Album Due To Debts

Logic is angry! And, he has every right to be. Recently, the retired American singer-rapper took to his social media to declare his frustration with his record label. Def Jam Recordings have not been paying their dues to the people who have worked with Logic and that’s just getting to him.

Logic shared a picture of his conversation with one of his team members, backing his anger with proof. Exactly how to win a fight! The conversation makes it clear that Kevin Keys Randolph, the voice of Kai is not being paid a single penny from the album and the sessions.

Along with the picture, Logic explained his disbelief regarding the situation. He talks about how in the middle of dinner with his wife, he’s getting texts and calls regarding his label not paying.

Logic Expresses His Anger In A Long Note

Logic explains, “@defjam can you please pay my friends and musicians that have made my albums great this is ridiculous at this point! I shouldn’t be getting calls from close friends of mine in the middle of dinner with my Wife about how YOU haven’t paid them from the budget you’ve given me for this album.”

Logic further mentions people who have not been paid their dues. The list includes the producer 6ix and musicians like DJ Rhetorik, Kevin Randolph and Lil Keke. He ends the note by saying that he will need to get back into the music world to create another album just so that these people are paid. Which means that he’s going to be done with his retirement. That’s a bit of happy news, right there. However, for the wrong reasons.

Logic Retired After “No Pressure”

Logic dropped his last album, “No Pressure” on July 24, 2020, and announced his retirement a few days before that. The album went on to reach the top of R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart and bagged the No.2 position on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

After his retirement, the rapper dropped a visual for his ‘Aquarius III’ song, giving his fans a closure. The retirement comes forward after he decides to focus on being a father and also follow his hobby, gaming. It’s only right to assume that Logic might come back to make music, we really hope he comes back.

By: Aatira Kakroo

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