Lola Leon, Daughter of Madonna, Releases Her First EP ‘Go’ as Lolahol

Lola Leon, Madona’s daughter, released her debut EP, titled ‘Go’. Five songs from her debut album were made available through Chemical X Records.

Leon, who performs under the stage name Lolahol, made news recently when she dropped the dark, NSFW music video for her song ‘C**TRADICTION’. The edgy song is apt for the music video, which portrays Leon dancing in the stables of a ranch.

Check out the music video below:

According to a press release announcing the EP, the project “spans R&B, alternative pop and classic trip-hop.”

Image Courtesy: Pursuitist

While ‘Go’ is Leon’s debut EP, the singer, fashion model and designer’s first single, ‘Lock & Key’ was made available in August this year. The song’s release coincided with the debut of a seductive music video shot on the beach. The 25-year-old daughter of pop queen, Madonna felt it natural to make the transition into the music business.

Madonna was ecstatic about the new development. She posted a screenshot of the ‘Lock & Key’ cover art on her Instagram account with the message, “I am very proud of you Lola!”

Sikha Sohan