Lorde Comes Bearing Two Exciting New Gifts

A couple months ago, Lorde sent out a personalized email to fans, promising them the arrival of new music. At the time, the young star barely dished out any details on her new era. But now, the clouds have parted over the inspiration that might just be fueling Lorde’s new project. 

In signature fashion, the artist gave her fans an update through yet another personalized email. The contents of her mail revealed that she would be releasing a 100 page photo book of images from her 2019 trip to no-man’s land, Antarctica. Titled, ‘Going South,’ the first 500 copies of the book will feature a signed postcard from the singer herself.

 Oh but here’s the kicker: Lorde’s trip has seemingly awakened a new fire in the star, driving her to kickstart her new era in music. 

The trip proved to be so inspiring that Lorde confessed that it showed her the “beginnings of the new world which I continue to build, and am very excited to start showing you soon.” Deeming the photobook the “perfect precursor” to the new album, the singer continued, “It’s a cool little piece of the Lorde cinematic universe for you to own if you’d like to.”

Adding to this, all net proceeds from sales will go towards a scholarship fund for an Antarctica New Zealand postgraduate scholar to study the science of climate change. 

Lorde has kept the suspense going for a while now and perhaps that is the best way to prepare us for a new all-consuming era of her music. 

By: Nina Karun