Louis Tomlinson Breaks Hearts With New Track

We’re inching closer and closer to the release of Louis Tomlinson’s solo debut album “Walls” but it seems that he’s just as impatient as us. He released his fourth single from the album, the self titled track “Walls” – an emotional rollercoaster ride.

We’re still awaiting an official music video of the track.

Tomlinson laments the end of a relationship in the track, singing about the imminent loneliness one feels with a breakup. The chorus brings optimism as he croons – “These high walls, they came up short / Now I stand taller than them all,” he belts on the uplifting chorus. “These high walls, never broke my soul / And I, I watch them all come falling down for you.”

Watch the metaphorical lyric video below. “Walls,” Tomlinson’s solo debut album releases on the 31st of January.