Mabel Has Dropped Her “Boyfriend”

Hear ye, hear ye! Here comes a fresh single from the British-Swedish-Spanish senorita, Mabel.

‘Boyfriend’ is a song that dropped today worldwide along with a video on YouTube, and is co-written by Kamille and Steve Mac. These hitmakers have also worked on other Mabel hits like “Don’t Call Me Up” and “Mad Love”.

In a tweet hyping the releasing of the new single, Mabel talked about what the single means to her. In her words, it’s about “wanting someone in your life doesn’t mean you can’t still be dat bitchh”.

The speculations from first responders of the song and the music video are pouring in. It looks like the hook is a reproduction of “Remember Me” which was a dance hit of 1997 from ‘Blue Boy’. Here’s another kicker — “Remember Me” by Blue Boy was already sampled from “Woman Of The Ghetto” by ’60s soul singer Marlena Shaw.

The video that is already creating buzz, finds Mabel creating the perfect man in an underground lab. Interesting, huh?

“Boyfriend” is now available on streaming sites everywhere.