Machine Gun Kelly Announces A Musical

American rapper Machine Gun Kelly aka MGK teased his fans with a trailer for his upcoming musical, ‘Downfalls High’.

Trippie Redd, blackbear and Iann Dior feature in the clip that proceeds to reveal that it is slated for release on 15th January. Kelly and drummer Travis Barker who also executively produced the former’s recent album will narrate the musical.

Kelly called the musical a “pop-punk Grease“ while talking to a source last year for a cover feature. He revealed that it emerged from a fun banter MGK had with Mod Sun, his collaborator. The joke was that they made excuses to leave situations stating that they had to go and watch Grease 2.

Kelly Talks About The Musical

Kelly said, “I just shot it in four days with Mod Sun,” in the interview. “It was my first time directing. It was almost like shooting 14 music videos back-to-back, but with a narrative that’s outside of my personal life stories.”

“It focuses on other characters, and then me and [Barker] are just the narrators. It’s an interesting concept because it hasn’t been done for an album ever, maybe outside of like Pink Floyd’s The Wall.”, Kelly continued.

Barker also confirmed working with Kelly on new music. The duo shared a joint feature on the cover of ‘Killing In The Name’ of the rock band, Rage Against The Machine. This came in support of the Black Lives Matter movement in summer. The musicians took to the streets of LA protesting against police brutality towards Afro-Americans, which is featured in the video accompanying the cover.

MGK Is On A Roll

The rapper seems to be on a roll as Avril Lavigne recently revealed a music teaser that features Kelly, all set to drop in 2021. Lavigne posted a few pictures from the studio with Kelly and Mod Sun with the caption: “So are we ready for new music in the new year or what? Lemme know.”

MGK sure proves that he can do whatever he sets his mind to and pop-pun surely seems to have a lot to offer to the world for music lovers. 

By: Aatira Kakroo