Madonna Takes a ‘Trip Down Memory Lane’, Revisits Her Iconic Cone Bra! 

Madonna took a nostalgic trip down memory lane and shared some of her best looks with her fans on Instagram. These recently rediscovered images remind us of her most iconic looks. 

“A trip to my archives is always a nostalgic trip down memory lane,” she captioned a post with photos of her most iconic throwback outfits. “If I think about my journey through music over the last 4 decades— how could I not think about all the incredible clothes I got to wear and all the amazing designers I was lucky enough to work with!!”

Image Courtesy: Instagram

There are a number of Jean Paul Gaultier-designed cone bras in the slideshow. She wore these during her 1990 Blonde Ambition tour. “When I was a little girl I remember my mother was always cold. Partly because she was sick but also because she never had a coat,” she said. “She always spent what little money we had on our coats and I remember standing outside waiting for the school bus with my mother shivering in the cold in the middle of winter!! Years later when I became successful my mother’s sister said to me, ‘Now you can buy all the coats your mother couldn’t buy for herself!’

Image Courtesy: Dallas Observer

She added, “The journey from the memory of my shivering mother in winter to me shivering in the over air-conditioned storage space where all my costumes are stored is quite remarkable! I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Every time I put on an incredible coat I think of my mother. I hope she likes my taste in costumes but most of all I hope she’s warm!”

Madonna is also ready to kick off her ‘Celebration Tour’ to honour four decades of being in the industry and delivering multiple hits. 

– Riya Sohini