Madonna’s Immortalised

The Queen of Pop will live forever with her new comic covers!! Liam Alexander, an artist has dedicated his next project to making comic covers of Madonna’s 14 major studio albums. Each cover has got cute easter eggs that refer to the lyrics of her songs. For example, there’s a little saloon named ‘The Anchor of Music’ which is a reference to her song, Runaway lover. Clever, isn’t it?

Comic covers are also a kind of recorded statement that showcases her vulnerability to her fans, most of whom grew up in the comic book fad of the 90’s and 80’s.

This tribute is not unique to Madonna, Liam said that he had previously worked on a few of his favourite artists like Kate Bush and Tori Amos.“I’m currently working with my favourite artists, reimagining their work in this style,” Liam told a magazine.

“This is my way of paying tribute to the era where I get to combine my passion of music and comics. Madonna was on the top of my list because she’s always been a huge inspiration!” Yup we feel the same way ! Madonna has been instrumental in starting a revolution for the inclusion of female artists in the music industry, which is still a male dominated space. She defied all rules when it came to attire, dressing the way she wanted for her shows, dissing the conservative groups who shunned her choices.

“There wasn’t a whole lot to go on from this era – the videos are iconic but there isn’t much imagery to pull from compared to what came after. I picked up on the graffiti from the Borderline MV and went completely over the top with the idea. There’s a reference to all 8 songs on the album either from videos, single covers, lyrics or just the song titles” he said in an instagram post on his handle @artofliamalxndr.

He said that this project was inspired by the lack of imagery that existed in Madonna’s era. This gives the world a glorious insight into the 90’s subculture that drove madonna to fame in the age where social media did not exist!