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Maluma Is Out With A New Album, “Papi Juancho”

Maluma, the Reggaeton star surprised his fans when he dropped his new album, “Papi Juancho” which has 22 tracks. The announcement of the album took place at the stroke of midnight via his Instagram live session.

Following his last year’s “11:11” album, Maluma has taken everyone by surprise. The singer has reconnected with the kid in him, “a little dreamer” who started doing reggaeton music, 10 years ago. The singer worked on “Papi Juancho” during the quarantine at his house in Medellin and Miami.

Maluma has disclosed the process of making the album, he says, “This year has been, like, full of surprises, and they’ve not been that positive. I wanted to give a good, very positive surprise. I’ve been working like crazy making new music. When quarantine started, I was in Europe, and then I had to postpone the whole tour, so I went back to Colombia..”

Maluma continues. “I started recording by myself again, the way I used to do it when I started my career. I was, like, connected with myself, remembering my roots because I was there in Medellín. I was feeling that energy again.”

Maluma Drops The Album Before 2020 MTV VMAs

The album is here just before his performance at 2020 MTV VMAs where’s he’s also standing up for a nomination. Maluma has been nominated for the best Latin Video for his track, ‘Que Pena’ which features J Balvin.

Recently, the ‘Corazon’ singer dropped the single, ‘Hawai’, and fans are speculating that he will take on the stage with this track. While talking about the VMAs, Maluma said, “That’s gonna be a big performance for me. I’m gonna bring all the Hawaiian vibe to the show.”

There is no doubt that Maluma is growing more prominent with every passing day and this album is just the prove of that.

By: Aatira Kakroo

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