MAMAMOO Are All Fire & Fury For ‘Aya’

After a string of dark, sultry teasers, MAMAMOO, have finally delivered with ‘Aya’. The song was accompanied by a fiery visualizer and will find a space on the band’s upcoming album, “Travel”. 

‘Aya’ opens with a catchy flute tune before segueing into a husky string of verses, brimming with sensual whispers and growls. The track also boasts of a sleek rap piece, courtesy Moonbyul, before slipping back into an infectious melody. 

The track sees MAMAMOO break free from the shackles of a toxic relationship. The songwriting, in fact, draws quite a grotesque picture and yet it hits home, take a look:

What are you doing
I have to get my rotten teeth out

I love you
Saying I’d give you the whole world
Hate you
Now aiming arrows at each other
It’s obvious, a bad ending
Spit on your face
A stain has arisen, we have become others

The visualizer for ‘Aya’ sees MAMAMOO in their natural element. And by that we mean the girls are seen shooting arrows, swinging axes and busting out some powerful moves. Dressed in rich reds and long coats, the music video makes for quite the kaleidoscope of colours. 

MAMAMOO’S “Travel” also made it’s landing today and it’s safe to say that ‘Aya’ is just one among many other gems settled there.

By: Nina Karun