MAMAMOO Arrive with A New Feel-Good Treat ‘Dingga’

The rising stars of MAMAMOO just surprised fans with their buzzing new track, ‘Dingga’. And it looks like this tune has also fallen prey to the neo-retro trend that has currently consumed the modern pop music scene. 

Much like their previous work, ‘Dingga’ boasts of the band’s impressive vocal range. The song sees a fine cocktail of peppy melodies and sultry rap verses tossed up with a quirky retro-pop beat. And if you were wondering,  “Dingga,” which comes from the Korean phrase “dingga dingga,” embodying the act of lazily enjoying one’s free time.

While the songwriting doesn’t particularly stand out, it does do a good job of capturing the running theme of this track. The lyrics see MAMAMOO cherry-pick feel-good moments, and put them in words. Take a look:

Living comfortably in the corner of this room
Since some time the distance with society has become quite far
This summer has all gone by

I just binge dramas
I can’t go driving
Time is ticking ticking
Don’t hold your breath

Paired with a funky dance video, both the visuals and tune arrive with a burst of energy.  “Dingga” marks the first slice of MAMAMOO’s 10th mini album “TRAVEL”, which will make its descent on November 3rd. 

By: Nina Karun