MAMAMOO’s Hwa Sa Stars in Heartbreaking Music Video

Hwasa releases new music video

South Korean singer, Hwa Sa, has released the official music video for her B-side track, ‘LMM’. Short for ‘Lost My Mind’, ‘LMM’ features on Hwa Sa’s debut EP, “Maria”, and is a mellow pop ballad that details the push and pull of hating and loving oneself. 

Hwa Sa, who is also a member of the successful girl group ‘MAMAMOO’, has released the much awaited music video for ‘LMM’ and it is a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Featuring minimal sets and moody tones, the video is a heartbreaking tale of self love and introspection.

‘LMM’: A Touching Tale

The video begins with Hwa Sa sitting by the pool in the comfort of her own home, clad in a plain white dress. As she takes her audience through various rooms of the home, she is continually showered with falling arrows. While she resides within the four walls of her house, none of the arrows physically hurt her. 

On moving out of her home, Hwa Sa must face the pain of the one arrow – the one that she shoots herself with. Emphasising the realisation that self-hate is more painful than anything else, the sombre music video is a tough one for fans to watch. Dissecting the story line, many fans speculate that this video is a visual representation of Hwa Sa’s journey through stardom.

Hwa Sa’s Journey

The singer-songwriter has always been vocal about the importance of loving yourself, braving criticisms from netizens throughout her career. In fact, from body shamers to nay-sayers, Hwa Sa has dealt with much unfavourable hate from Korean audiences. However, in recent years, she has risen above that, becoming one of the most revered performers and artists in K-Pop. 

Delivering flawless vocals, and equally stunning visuals, ‘LMM’ may be Hwa Sa’s final response to the critics. And if the metaphors in the music video are to be believed – the final judgement is hers, and hers alone. 

By: Ahalya Narayanan