Måneskin Has Announced Their Brand- New Album ‘RUSH!’

Måneskin has released information about their third album, ‘RUSH!’ The Italian rock band announced that they will be releasing their upcoming album next January.

‘RUSH!’ is the follow-up to ‘Teatro D’ira: Vol. I’ from 2021 and ‘Il Ballo Della Vita’ from 2018. The band recently unveiled a new song called ‘Kool Kids’ during their ongoing world tour, which led to the announcement of the upcoming album. The song might be included in the forthcoming album.

‘The Loneliest’, ‘Supermodel’ and ‘If I Can Dream’, the last of which appeared on the soundtrack of Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic, are additional songs that were released this year that might be on the ‘RUSH!’ tracklist.

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Måneskin will perform tonight at the Paramount Theatre in Washington before making other stops in California, Arizona and Michigan. The ‘Loud Kids’ tour, which is in support of their 2021 release ‘Teatro D’ira: Vol. I,’ will then make its way to Europe for its 2023 run, with performances in London, Denmark and Italy in May marking the tour’s conclusion.

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The band had stated that they would want to collaborate with the K-pop girl group BLACKPINK. When asked at the 2022 MTV VMAs who his dream collaborators are, vocalist Damiano David said, “the full BLACKPINK ensemble,” to the ecstatic approval of his bandmates.