Mariah Carey And Millie Bobby Brown Recreate The Opening Scene Of ‘Honey’ Music Video

With some assistance from Millie Bobby Brown, Mariah Carey is commemorating the 25th anniversary of the album, ‘Butterfly’.

Image Courtesy: Mariah Carey Wiki- Fandom

The legendary singer shared a humourous re-enactment of the opening scene from her 1997 popular music video, ‘Honey’ on social media. The ‘Stranger Things’ actress, Millie Bobby Brown portrays a tough-as-nails abductor in the 30-second video, while Mariah Carey plays the same Spanish-speaking damsel in distress.

Image courtesy: NME

In September 1997, ‘Honey,’ the album’s lead track, spent three weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100. As part of the celebration of Butterfly’s 25th anniversary, Carey released an extended edit of ‘Honey.’

Image courtesy: Variety

The remix is one of several re-release bonuses, along with Butterfly on tape, Deluxe Butterfly 4LP and 2LP Editions, new ‘Honey’ music video documentary, old live performances and 4K remastered versions of the ‘Honey’ and ‘The Roof’ music videos.