Mariah Carey Gave Fans a Sneak Peek of Her Easter Celebrations on Social Media

Mariah Carey wished all her fans a Happy Easter on social media to give them a peek at her Easter celebrations with Dem Babies and friends.

“Happy Easter!!” she captioned a video of Easter Bunny giving her a late-night visit. The song ‘I’ll be Lovin’ U Long Time’ plays in the background while Carey helps the Easter Bunny plant a giant golden egg in the backyard for her twins to find in the morning.

Fans absolutely loved seeing her teaming up with Easter Bunny! A fan even wrote, “DANG you know the Easter bunny too?! I’m envious.” Another fan wrote, “Happy Easter to you and your family Queen! Currently listening to Fly Like a Bird on this Holy Sunday…love you!”

In another clip she posted, she wrote, “Bunny kisses and orange soda with a huge side of Gratitude for All! Happy Easter!” She also showed off the sweet grey bunny that she adopted for the holiday. “Does he eat, like, little carrots and stuff?” she asks as Roc and Roe, her twins play with their new pet.

Carey is also all set to headline L.A.’s Pride in the Park along with Megan Thee Stallion. She also recently celebrated her birthday with a tropical vacation where she was seen jumping off yachts and nearly swimming with sharks. 

– Riya Sohini