Maroon 5 Tease New Vibrant Single ‘Nobody’s Love’

Maroon 5 is back in the game, and this time around, it looks like they’ve arrived with a goodie. The band is gearing up to drop the  follow-up to their heartbreaking smash hit, ‘Memories,’ with a new track entitled ‘Nobody’s Love.’ Maroon 5 took to Instagram to break the news, and fans have been humming with excitement ever since. 

The band shared their rather psychedelic cover art on Instagram, leaving room for even more intrigue surrounding this new single. The technicoloured art features a woman standing on a rocky shoreline, gazing towards the sea. All three teaser images also feature a bright smiley face shining down on her from above. The title, ‘Nobody’s Love’ runs through the image, looking rather ordinary against the strange cocktail of colours. Interestingly, the only difference between all three teaser images are the colours. Between the neon pinks and greens and the ever-changing, surreal sky – the colours evoke an array of different moods.

And yet, Maroon 5 hasn’t hinted at any other details concerning the song. Perhaps the only other news we’ve heard from the band, atleast on the music front is their rescheduled tour dates. The band announced that they were currently mapping out their 2021 North American tour. 

It’s understandable that fans have been waiting on the edge of their seats for music from Maroon 5, considering that ‘Memories’ released back in September 2019. The song, which speaks of the loss of the band’s manager and Adam Levine’s close friend, Jordan Feldstein, created quite a ripple on the music landscape. Apart from the fact that ‘Memories’  made history atop Billboard’s Adult Pop Songs radio airplay radio chart, its heavy lyrical content and sombre melodies left musicians and fans alike utterly moved. 

The song finds its space on the band’s upcoming seventh album. Though, Maroon 5 have not confirmed any further details on this record, even in terms of a title or release date. So, while the wait continues, atleast ‘Nobody’s Love’ isn’t too far off. The song is set to drop this Thursday, the 23rd. 

By: Nina Karun