Marshmello Shares Cryptic Teaser; Hints At New Collaboration

It seems as though the music world is holding its breath in anticipation of all the fiery collaborations lined up. On the list is Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B, the late Juice WRLD and the Weeknd and it currently looks like Marshmello and Demi Lovato don’t want to be left out of this spotlight either. 

The DJ recently took to Instagram to put up a cryptic picture of himself. It featured him seated on a table, in neon green sneakers and holding a flip phone to his ear. The dimly lit room seems to show us the aftermath of a certain incident, one that involves bottles of booze and a knocked over lamp. Not to mention the fact that there’s a mysterious woman in a black dress, watching silently from a dark corner of the room. Upon closer inspection, she does indeed share a striking resemblance to Demi Lovato. But it’s too blurry to say for sure.

Below the picture, Marshmello put down a caption that read, “hello? demi?”. Considering the intriguing nature of this picture, there’s a high chance it plays into the theme of their upcoming track – that is if Demi Lovato has actually joined forces with the DJ. Currently, neither have offered any confirmations, nor has Demi left any hints on social media

In other news, Marshmello continues to bask under the spotlight after the many wins ‘Come & Go’ brought home.The melancholic Pop-Rock tune bagged the No. 1 spot on two sub-genre charts – the Billboard Hot Rock and Alternative Songs chart. 

We’re curious to see what new dish Marshmello plans to bring to the table and it looks like the wait has just begun.

By: Nina Karun