Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Collaborate on a Sexy Nail Polish Photo Shoot

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have never been hesitant to indulge in some PDA. However, they became entangled to enjoy some vivid colours inspired by Megan’s beloved crystals and gemstones in their new advertisement for the actress’ Play With Fire nail polish kit. It’s a collaboration with her fianceé’s UN/DN LAQR nail brand.

In one of the photos, Fox’s emerald green nails grip the nape of MGK’s neck as he lays his hands in a bright blue shade over hers. In the second pic, she gazes at the side of Colson’s neck while holding his throat with her right hand.

“I know you. I have known you so many times, in so many different forms, in so many different lives,” reads a tagline for the collection which includes six hues, including: Past Life (bright Lapus Lazuli blue), Brutal Honesty (malachite green), Twin Flame (ruby red), Deep Breath (shattered “glass” iridescent effect), Third Eye (lilac purple) and Nothing Matt(er)s (matt top coat).

Image Courtesy: US Weekly

“The collection is themed around some of my favorite crystals and gemstones, I love wearing jewel tones as they play well against my natural coloring,” Fox told Allure about the range of colors that also reflect the natural world and changing seasons. “Winter is a time for all types of ‘hibernation’ or turning inward; we see this with animals as well as plants during this season. This is a waning (withdrawing) time, not a waxing (growing) time.”

In an accompanying video clip set to MGK’s ‘Sid & Nancy’, Fox gets her nails done as she lays in bed and the couple hit a number of red carpets while the actress strikes a variety of sensual poses while showing off some of her Fire colors.

Check out the images from the campaign below.

Sikha Sohan